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Christian Parker Singing  

Christian Parker is a singer/songwriter from Upstate Northern New York.   He has recorded 6 studio albums and has been performing for over 20 years throughout the region.  His style ranges from acoustic guitars with a sparkling electric blend.  Christian’s songs are about everyday life experiences, good or bad, there is always hope at the end of the day.  He has shared the stage with many well known artists and has a large catalog of unreleased material which will be available in the near future, along with a solo album entitles “Best Kept Secret” fall of 2009.

Now Released!

NEW- Christian Parker album available this week at WildCat Records NYC. Stay tuned for details. "Can't Stop The World (Live, In Concert)" It's an intimate "best of" collection of some of his most beloved songs. Double length CD w/ 4 bonus studio tracks, never before released.

Cant Stop the World  
1. Promise Land
2. Cant Stop the World
3. Lighthouse
4. Never Know 'Til You Try
5. Gold and Silver
6. I'll Go On Downtown
7. Half a Man
8. Gone But Not Forgotten

9. Five Minutes of Fame
10. Road to Recovery
11. Keep No Secrets
12. Firewood
13. Blessing in Disguise
14. Wonderland
15. Sometimes